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Serving over 55,000 Successful Businesses

In today's marketplace, shopping and purchasing over the Internet has become commonplace. There are few consumers out there that have not found the ease and convenience of shopping online.

As for your specific business, if you are not already online, why not? If a payment solution is your outstanding issue, look no further. MCPS has the experience to expand an existing online business as well as to start a budding Internet shop. Remember that online you have the capability to be as big as you want to be - your market has expanded far outside your local borders and no longer is your store's physical space a visual deterrent to customers.

With Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions, your orders may be taken via telephone, mail order, or online. It is your choice how to compete in your industry, but all the options are available to you through MCPS. Just as in your retail store, being a retailer requires focus on customer satisfaction which means creating value, convenience, and developing the consumer's need to keep coming back.

ecommerce image of someone on a laptop and their credit card

MCPS provides all the payment options you and your customers need at a competitive rate that you can agree with, including:

  • Processing for all major credit cards
  • Debit card authorization and processing
  • Check services
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)
  • Gift/Loyalty cards
  • Mail/Telephone Order Processing
  • Scrip Machines
  • Age Verification Services
  • Internet Payment Processing
  • Wireless and WiFi Services

MCPS offers business owners the following expanded services:

  • Full range of merchant supplies
  • Online account transaction activity details
  • Cash Advance Program where you can apply extra cash to expand your business, buy new inventory, or complete an ongoing project.

If you don't already have a terminal in place, Merchants' Choice will recommend a solution for your business.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can tailor a solution with the best terminal and the right pricing to fit your specialized retail business needs.

Let Merchants' Choice make your decision any easy one - we strive to work within your budget and we even have an in-house risk assessment team to help minimize fraud, thereby potentially saving you thousands of dollars. With extensive payment options, incredible service, and the right pricing, Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions can help you achieve the ultimate goal of loyal customers. Let us worry about your payment processing so you can focus on your business.